Sunday, 23 August 2015

Viral Video Rant!

The biggest news of the weekend does not seem to be Killie's capitulation at Rugby Park to Ross County, it would appear that Killie fan Gordon Sawer's Facebook video has grabbed everyone's attention more! The Scottish media has latched onto Gordon's rant and the video has now gone viral with more views than the club can expect fans to go through the gates for the whole season.

For the avoidance of doubt...there are profanities galore in the six minute epic so it is not safe for work and definitely not safe to play when the kids are around! Gordon is quite clear on his feelings on the teams performance, or lack of it, and with social media being what it is we can expect the manager and players to be privy to the Sawer's tongue lashing...and let's be honest, apart from McDonald and possibly McKenzie...they probably deserve it!

Gordon told "I'm on WestFM breakfast show tomorrow morning and my phone hasn't stopped all day. Thailand, Australia, India to name but a few countries it's reached and I have even had Ayr fans praising me, unbelievable! The newspapers only called me because it went viral but the fact is that we supporters need to be heard! KTID"

And now the movie trailer!

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