Monday, 24 August 2015

Season Diary - Week 4

August 24th 2015... So much for the hard work starting now, if the weekend’s result goes for anything then we are simply not up to it. Too many players who do not look interested and there is definitely problems with the way the team is being selected and set up and, nice guy though he is, Gary Locke has to be held responsible for that. Lee McCulloch was registered as a player in case of emergency with a talent like Kiltie and Slater back from injury both on the bench, what was the thinking behind starting a 38-year-old who clearly could not keep up with play? The midfield is non-existent at times and the defence shambolic, if we struggle to get out our own half we are not going to score many goals. Killie fan Gordon Sawers' video rant at the team went viral at the weekend, it may have been x-certificate stuff but let’s be honest, it is along the lines of what we are all thinking.


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