Saturday, 22 August 2015

Half Time Hotline

It could be worse, but not much! Two goals down in the opening minutes and the defence looking shakier than the boy Stevens in his ole house. Cue injuries to Connolly and then Westlake and another easy goal and the Dundee debacle is looking in danger of not being the worst performance of the season. Sorry, make that for goals down...and could have been more. McCulloch then gets injured and replaced by Splaine, why are we starting with a 38 year old in the first place?

With the home fans singing "what a load of rubbish" you can sense it is not going to be a pleasant second half unless someone dopes the half time refreshments in the County dressing room. Even if they did there will probably still be more dopes in ours! If DJ Dave doesn't play "it's an embarrassment" during the break it will be a travesty...a bit like our defending.

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