Monday, 10 August 2015

Season Diary - Week 2

Aug 11th 2015... Technically I was right last week when I said the only way is up...we only lost two goals this week as opposed to four so if that form continues we can surely expect a 0-0 draw with Celtic on I was also right that the starting line-up would change and it did with Ashcroft and McKenzie replacing Findlay and Johnston. Wee Messi was injured in training and the big defender looked shaky at a couple of the goals we conceded to Dundee, plus we are playing his team on Wednesday and he's not eligible...but still no start for Kiltie. We started fairly well and retained possession well for about fifteen minutes before it all started going Pete Tong. Individually we have several players that have talent but the tactics, or lack of them, are not getting the best from the guys who could make a difference. Referee McLean gave us nothing as usual, but in all honesty there could be no complaints about the end result. You can understand the frustration of the Killie fans who travelled hundreds of miles and had to stump up £25 to watch what can only be described as dross. Sorry but one win and nine losses out of the last ten games is unacceptable.

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