Sunday, 23 August 2015

Fleeting Visit

Former club Chairman Bobby Fleeting was in town on Saturday and took in the 'match' at the Theatre of Pies. Clearly he has seen better times at Ayrshire's premier club but that didn't stop him popping into the Howard Arms post game to meet up with some old friends and make some new ones in the process.

We did pick Bobby's brains about the current situation at the club but he is not the kind of guy to start pointing fingers and all he would say was: "It was a different situation when we took control of the club, all the dead wood was already gone and it is much easier to kick start things when you have a fresh start."

Bobby and wife Annie, whose parents were instrumental in the re-building of Rugby Park back in the day, are travelling with friends and were in town to visit Bobby's sister Mary and her husband Dennis Hubble who are both still regulars at the football; so it goes without saying that seeing the mighty Killie in action was high on the holiday itinerary.

It was great to see Bobby back in town and it is a stark reminder of how things were on the up for the club during his tenure. It is a real shame that Jim Mann was unfortunately unavailable to meet his predecessor on this occasion as we am sure he would welcome the opportunity to get some tips on how to get the crowds back from the man who could sell sand to the Arabs.

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