Friday, 28 August 2015

Josh Bites Back

Josh Magennis spoke to the press yesterday about the now infamous Gordon Sawer viral video and his views on how we have started the season.

He said: "For me, those kind of people  are not fans. If they want to do that, then to me they are poison. They pay their money so all due respect. But then they get airtime on the radio and it just gets promoted. For me, people like that are irrelevant to my life. If you listen to that kind of stuff and you take it on board, you are not a footballer. For me, that just goes in one ear and out the other.

The Dundee game at the start of the season was an embarrassment to football. It was a disaster. No-one showed up, not even the subs. But even though we got beat by the same score at the weekend by Ross County, it was more of a mixed bag. We just got beat by a better team. I don't think any of us failed to show up. We created a few chances but still looked vulnerable in defence. It was better but still the same result. A loss is still a loss whether you concede one goal or four.

Has the flak been hard to take? Maybe for some but as a footballer you've just got to take it. You are paid to be a footballer and you are in the limelight whether you like it or not, whether you try to go under the radar or not. You are always going to get some press. I try not to pay too much attention to the good press or the bad. I try not to get carried away.

The criticism we have been getting is well deserved because compared to the start we had last season, this one isn't good enough. But with the quality we have in the team, of course we believe we can turn it around. I will back us against anyone. Unfortunately so far we haven't hit out stride. I'd just ask the fans to stick with us. They have every right to be a bit weary. They pay their hard-earned money to come watch us. We're not entertaining them right now but hopefully we will be playing exciting and expansive football soon. They just need to be patient."

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